The South West Deer
Rescue Centre


The  South West Deer Rescue Centre in South Somerset has sadly closed.

This post is rather unusual as it is being written through the eyes and words of my daughter, who was lucky enough to be invited there as part of a friend’s birthday day out.

South West Deer Rescue Centre Axis Deer
The rescue centre is open by appointment only and welcomes groups to be shown around by the owner. As you can guess from the title you are going to see deer.  Now I have to admit I’m no deer expert, so please excuse me if I get a bit confused with my species and just enjoy the pictures.

So in my daughter’s words and pictures (which I think you will agree are very good) I will tell you a bit more.

South West Deer Rescue Centre Red Deer


“We were met by the owner a man called Mike who showed us around and explained about the deer.

There were lots different types of deer to see. They had plenty of space to wander around and graze. I was expecting some of the deer to be injured or not look well, but they all looked really happy and healthy.


My friend’s mum had been told to bring some biscuits for the deer. It was so good, we were allowed right up to the deer to feed them. Digestives and rich tea are their favourite!

South West Deer Rescue Centre muntjac deer
South West Deer Rescue Centre feeding fallow deer
This is a picture of my friends feeding a young white fallow deer and me feeding a muntjac, they are really small, not much bigger than a large cat!
South West Deer Rescue Centre fallow
South West Deer Rescue Centre deer

Different Types of Deer

We were told the types of deer we would see are Red, Fallow, Sika, Muntjac and one breed that are not native to the UK called Axis.

Some of deer have been rescued from private collectors who no longer want the deer or from places where they are in danger from poachers.

We had great fun looking around and there was plenty of space for us to have a good run as well. The farm was quite big and although there were some paths we were glad we had our wellies.”

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South West Deer Rescue Centre Sika Deer
South West Deer Rescue Centre
Where to Find the Centre

The Rescue Centre is nr Crewkerne in Somerset TA18 8QN

You must call ahead (at least 24 hours)  to arrange a visit. Groups are welcome as well as photographers. From the feedback I would suggest it is more suited to school age children and not toddlers, it’s not really suitable for push chairs in the winter. There is a 4×4 available that can be requested for anyone with mobility problems.

Contact  /  What Does It Cost?

Take a look on the centre’s Facebook page (click here) for contact details and a phone number.

There is no official entrance fee but the centre relies on donations.

If you visit in June you will be able to see young deer calves that have recently been born.

Deer Rescue Centre girls
Deer Rescue Centre running girls
So I hope you enjoy a chance to do something a bit different and it certainly makes a change for a birthday party rather than bowling or trampolining! Thank you to my friend Meeri for taking control of so many lively children for the day!

If you enjoy wildlife then why not take at look at my other posts on Wildwood Escot and Seaton Wetlands. Also if you are in the area of the Rescue Centre there’s a great cream tea or lunch to be found at Lucy’s Farmhouse Tearoom so why not pop in there as well!

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