Busy Bee in East Devon

Flowers, wreaths and gifts at Millers Farm Shop

When a florist shop disappeared from Axminster some locals were rightly very sad that the smiling faces of Alison and her mum had gone from the town, not to mention the lovely displays of flowers that would appear outside the shop every day to brighten up South Street.

Well not one for sitting on her laurels (or flowers!) I was delighted to hear that Busy Bee has opened up shop within Millers Farm Shop in Kilmington (just off the A35 outside Axminster).

If you are looking for flowers, wreaths or some other lovely gift then why not take a look. 

flowers-wreaths-gifts-busy-bee-east-devon-candle holders
Flowers Wreaths Gifts Busy Bee East Devon
Like all good florists Alison can also manage to make a few twigs look amazing, and as we head into Christmas this is exactly what we need in our houses. The traditional winter wreath is made of long lasting evergreen leaves.  It’s thought the Romans used them on their doors to represent victory and Christians adopted them to symbolise everlasting life along with the circular shape that has no beginning or end.
Flowers have the ability to bring such joy to people and their value (not in the pounds and pence way) is often under estimated (well certainly by my husband!!).

From brightening a kitchen with the heady scent of hyacinths after Christmas or those early daffodils that prove Spring is on it’s way, to the fabulous arrangements people receive for their birthday or have decorating a wedding reception – flowers are often around us and can evoke such a range of emotions on many occasions.

Flowers Wreaths Gifts Busy Bee East Devon wreath

Wreaths make a great option inside and out for brightening up our houses, adorned with candles, ribbons or glittering things they also make a great pre-Christmas present for someone.  Why not try making your own – there is a chance to have a proper lesson at Alison’s  wreath making classes.


You will find Alison’s shop in a new building at Millers Farm Shop  – she is selling all sorts or gorgeous gifts, wreaths, flowers and other decorations in her pop up Christmas shop.

If you have not been to Millers for a while  it really is a lovely place to browse and perfect for putting together a personalised Christmas hamper or finding great food for a party or special lunch.  There are also plenty of Christmas trees for sale every year. 

Then once you have exhausted your shopping you can relax with a cup of tea and a cake or a light lunch at the Tea Pot café,  also at the same site.

Busy Bee is set within Millers Farm Shop – just off the A35 at Kilmington, 1 mile West of Axminster.

The postcode is EX13 7RA. There is plenty of level parking outside the shop and easy access for pushchairs and wheelchairs.