Dumpdon Hill Fort Scenic Walk Near Honiton

One of the great things about living in East Devon is access to amazing open spaces. As 2020 turns out to be a year when this is particularly important to us, I am truly thankful to be living in this part of the UK. For a change of scenery I decided to revisit one of the best walks near Honiton called Dumpdon Hill Fort.

There are some clues about this place in the name and you will not be disappointed. It is indeed a hill and an old fort.

Although you can drive a fair way up the hill, you need to make an effort to walk to get the benefit of this location and to reach the Trig point (that’s one of the stone pillars you find at high points across the country).

Dumpdon Hill Fort kissing gate

Beautiful Views

At 261 metres above sea level, those Iron Age folk knew where the best views were from and this does not disappoint.  Stretching out across the rolling hills and valleys of East Devon it’s worth taking time to admire, especially on a clear day. You can’t quite see the sea, but you feel if you stood on tip toes you might be able to.

view from Dumpdon Hill near Honiton

Walk and Explore

If you are interested in the history of this site then you may take the time to notice the remains of the Iron Age earthworks. Banks and ditches made a strong defensive position combined with the benefit of spotting any invaders heading your way well in advance. For children and dogs these just make great places to run and hide!

Dumpdon Hill Fort East Devon dog walk

Circular Walk

There is a circular walk around the lower level of the hill fort.  If you park in the first car park (see directions below) and go up the little steps by the information sign, you can walk right round the lower level.  Keep going clockwise and the path drops down through some woods. Then walk about 300 metres on the lane before heading back up to the fort further along.

Dumpdon Hill Fort trig point
However, for the best views you do need to head up hill.  Our route took us clockwise about half way round, then the path split and we headed uphill.  The top is a cleared grass area and we followed the path as it looped back close to the car park and then up again to the highest point.  At the top there is a large open area where you find the trig point. Plenty of space,  perfect for picnics, kite flying and admiring the countryside.

Play Hide and Seek

Also on the brow of the hill is a lovely copse of trees, you’ll see one of two gates to go through.  It’s fenced all round, I think to stop you falling off the edge!  The fence is not entirely dog proof, I spotted a few large holes! It’s a lovely shaded area, ideal for kids to play and make a den or play hide and seek.

best walk near Honiton for Dogs
East Devon Hill Fort

Walk and Relax

Overall the walk, even with some zig zagging and exploring is probably no more than 2 miles.

However it can certainly be made to last a reasonable amount of time, why not take a flask of coffee and give yourself time to admire the view. A huge thank you to the local couple who let me photograph them and their dog doing exactly that.

Find Your Best Walk Near Honiton

Honiton is a lovely town and it’s surrounded by beautiful countryside. Other nearby walks include the small but very pretty Combe Woods as well as popular Roundball Woods that can be reached from the town without the need to drive.


I’ve made a short video to show you around so you know what to expect. Click on the link, it will take you to You Tube.

Dumpdon Hill Walk pin for later


Access to Dumpdon Hill Fort is through narrow lanes from Monkton on the A30.

From the Exeter / Honiton direction turn off left just before Monkton Village, approx. 1 ½ miles from the junction with Honiton.

Head over the stone walled bridge and turn left again straight away. Then after half a mile turn off right opposite some farm buildings and just before a large farmhouse. This will be Dumpdon Lane.

Parking is limited but there are two very small car parks. Coming from Monkton the first one is on the left of the lane just as the road starts to level out once you have reached the hill (the East edge of the hill).  It’s marked with a NT sign on your left.

The other is about 500 metres further on (you need to turn left signposted to Wick).

There are no signposts to Dumpdon Hill but it is on Dumpdon Lane, near Beacon, Honiton, Devon, EX14

The narrow lanes are not for the faint hearted and there are few places for passing so be prepared to reverse if necessary.

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