Short Walks in Lyme Regis

When you start anything new there is usually a defining moment. Something that makes you make a decision. The final straw in a job you don’t really like,  a friend that introduces you to a new hobby or a conversation that sparks a business idea. For me starting this blog it was a short walk in Lyme Regis.

In May 2015 I dragged the family out for a free guided walk that was put on as part of the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival.

The route took us up to Ware Cliffs, which is also the start (or finish) of the 6 mile stretch of the South West Coast Path known as the Undercliff,  between Seaton to Lyme Regis.

A short walk in Lyme Regis Ware Cliffs NT sign

The walk was relatively short but also beautiful. How could I not know about it having lived just 8 miles away for much of my life.  That was my light-bulb moment.  If I didn’t know about this, what else was on my doorstep waiting to be discovered.

So started a nearly a year of thinking (aka procrastinating) before Flip flops or Wellies was born. 

Enjoying Short Walks

In my head I like to think I’m one of those proper walkers who trek off over Dartmoor for the weekend or cover 10 miles of the coast path in a day. That may have been the case pre-children when I hiked around South America without anyone else to think about.  However, these days a 2 or 3 miles with the dog is far more achievable.

It’s good to get outside and appreciate that walks can start from wherever you happen to be. I have learnt to take the chance while I can, even if that means a snatched hour while I’m being Mum’s Taxi.

Ware Cliffs From Holmbush Car Park

This is a “there and back walk” with a loop through the woods at the end (which is the best bit),  about 1 ½ miles in total although can be extended further along the coast path if you want to.

Starting in the car park called Holmbush means you are already up the side of the cliff which is a bonus. Unless you want to tackle the extremely steep steps up or down to the Cobb Car park,  then this is a fairly level walk.

There are a few steps at one point and some footpath gates.

A short walk in Lyme Regis Ware Cliffs sign


Starting in Holmbush Car Park (DT7 3HX £2 all day)  head to the bottom right corner. Then down along Pine Walk, a dead end road past houses.  At the end of the road there is a footpath gate to go through.

Following the track signed Coast Path which heads along the cliff.   Going left at the start takes you down hill to the Cobb car park via a series of steep steps which is another way to start or finish this walk.

Follow your nose though the heath – don’t forget to turn round to admire the view or sit on one of the well placed benches.

Keep going and the footpath runs around the front of a very impressive modern house.

Follow that and then the path joins a proper lane. Head along the lane, turn off this to the left where you see the first footpath sign for Chimney Rock. (update Aug 2018 – the part of the sign saying Chimney Rock was missing).
A short walk in Lyme Regis Coast heath walk

Have Fun in the Woods

Head off into the woods, past the little pond, up the steps then up and over until you reach the loppy tree. Stay and play!

The path loops left back onto the track. Once you’re done head left back towards the track and return the way you came.

A short walk in Lyme Regis Chimney Rock sign
A short walk in Lyme Regis steps to Chimney Rock
Lyme Regis Chimney Rock Ware Cliffs walk
 Lyme Regis fun in the woods Ware Cliffs


A short walk with sea views, a jungle like feel and a really cool tree! Kids can release their inner dinosaur or pixie as they hide in the woods!

More Short Walks in Lyme Regis

Sea View Walk

Head all the way out on the defensive sea wall towards Charmouth for wonderful views of the coast. This a perfect if you are looking for something flat and accessible (take a look at these other ideas for accessible walks in the area).

At low tide this is a great spot for rock pooling and at low tide you can also walk across the beach to Charmouth.  For more of a challenge head up the steps which come out in the Charmouth Road car park and back into town from the main road. 


Short walks in Lyme Regis

River Walk

Alternatively follow pretty the River Lim which heads up to Uplyme and the Talbot Arms, about 1.5 miles each way.  Start at the Town Mill area follow the stream around the back of the mill or walk along Coombe Street past the Dinosaur Museum.

At the end of Coombe Street where the river goes under the road take the dead end road called Mill Green. This is a lovely narrow street with traditional terraced cottages.  When you see the river again take the foot path that follows along side it. Keep following the river and footpath sign posts.

Head back the same way or loop up over the hill following the sign for Dragons Hill! 

Lyme Regis to Uplyme walk

There are also other coastal walks that you can enjoy with just a short drive.  Two of my favourites are the  Short Walk to Golden Cap or the coast path route from  Beer to Branscombe.

Thank you for finding my blog and I hope you find it a useful resource.


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