English Lavender Fields –  Somerset Lavender 

I have been influenced – not surprisingly really considering the amount of time I spend on line. Last year I kept seeing pictures of beautiful English lavender fields and some stunning photography.  So given the chance this year I dragged my mum out for the day to the depths of Somerset in search of the chance to experience this myself. Our destination was the closet lavender farm I could find, called Somerset Lavender  which is about 7 miles south of Bath.

Somerset Lavender Farm

So here’s the thing, I was a little bit disappointed.  Some of the pictures I’d seen of large farms in Kent and the Cotswolds were stunning. Huge fields, neat rows of lavender and vivid colours (which admittedly may well have been enhanced).

Sadly by the end of July some of flowers were starting to go over and the colour did not live up to my expectations. It was partly the light, any good photographer knows that midday is not good for capturing colour. 

English Lavender Fields Somerset Lavender Farm
Somerset Lavender Farm

That said,  it is a lovely place. 

The whole site is full of bees of every variety and when you crouch down you can hear the hum. Also unlike most other lavender farms this one is free to visit (donations appreciated).

English lavender fields Somerset Lavender Farm

First Stop –  Coffee

It was coffee time when we arrived (that’s late morning for mum and I!) so it was a pleasure to see the coffee shop and lots of seating. There’s no fancy coffee machine but we had a very good cafetiere and had no qualms about sampling the cake, one of which was almond and lavender. Very nice it was too.

The cafe also had a shop section where you could purchase items like essential oil, candles and dried lavender.

English Lavender Fields Somerset Lavender Farm cafe
English Lavender Fields Somerset Lavender Farm cafe view

The farm planted it’s first lavender in 2003 to supplement the dairy farm income. Now all the cows have been replaced with lavender. According to the website there are two main fields. The first field is planted with English Angustifolia lavender that flowers in June and July, the second has a mixture of English lavender and hybrid intermedia lavender that flowers later during July and August.

English Lavender Fields Somerset Lavender Farm garden

As well as the fields there is a pretty Lavender Garden, an area packed full over 20 different colours and varieties of lavender.  There is also a Healing Garden with many herbs,  from the ordinary thyme and mint to the more unusual healing herbs such as arnica and echinacea. Finally there is a beautiful flower & vegetable garden that had an amazing row of sweet peas. There are also are various plants available to buy.

At the end of the summer, the lavender is harvested and distilled to make essential oil. Lavender oil has been used for centuries for it’s scent and healing properties.  Lavender was used to scent the water in Roman baths, it name originates from the Latin “lavare” meaning “to wash.” Romans also used it as a perfume, insect repellent, flavouring and even added dried lavender to their smoking mixtures.

Instagram and selfie Heaven

For many of the younger generation, having the best pictures for your social media is a priority. I have to say I did attempt a few with my mum for my Instagram story, but I never really know where to look!

This is one of my favourite photos of the day!

English Lavender Fields Somerset Lavender Farm instagramers

We spent a lovely couple of hours wandering around at the Somerset Lavender Farm.  The farm is child friendly and accessible. 


If you don’t live in the South West here’s a list of some of the many other ones that might be nearer you.

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English Lavender Fields Somerset Lavender Farm thistle
English Lavender Fields Somerset Lavender Farm shop

Pin for Later

English Lavender Fields pin for later

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